Greige Fabric

Greige fabrics in 100% cotton, poly cotton, cotton Lycra, and many other blends are available from narrow width to 130” width. Fabrics are woven in Air jet, Sulzer and Auto Loom.

We have most of the constructions in constant production and special constructions of your preference are woven with short lead time.


Yarns ranging from count NE 6 to NE 100 in 100% cotton. Yarns in poly cotton and other blends, like cotton-lycra, are also available. In addition, yarns with man made fibers in count of NE 6 to NE 40 and special materials, like tencel, polyester, viscose, melange etc are available. Spinning in most of techniques like compact, ring spun, core spun , jet spun, dual core etc. is possible.